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 Okay, LJ's been dead all day, so I'm just going to post in here. Hello, Dreamwidth! I never use ye!


So after a really long slough, I finished watching my second ever kdrama, Beethoven Virus. Like on Saturday. Throughout the whole thing, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but I still couldn't stop watching. Even now, I feel like I want to watch a kdrama and a jdrama just won't do, damn it! I don't even know why. It's not like they're that much different. Kdramas are just inconveniently timed so I can't fit as many in a day. But I digress.

I think I kind of figured it out. The summary for Beethoven Virus flagged up the love triangle between Maestro Kang Gun Woo, Young Gun Woo and Du Ru Mi immediately as something important, but... from day one I couldn't buy their romance, and in the end, I don't think it was really that important. Well, it was important in as much as it helped Maestro grow and change a bit, but even then, he could have done that without "dating" Du Ru Mi. I think in the end, it was each of them depending on each other without knowing why and then assuming it's a romance thing.  

Ugh, I had this all sussed out in my head last night, but now I'm not making sense again. Let me start over. 

So this love triangle. The first instance is with Gun Woo and Du Ru Mi. This is how it seemed to come about:

Gun Woo: You're my girlfriend now! :DDD
Du Ru Mi: I am?! Oh. Um. 'K. 
Gun Woo: ^_^
Du Ru Mi:'s just, do I have to?
Gun Woo: What's that, dear?
Du Ru Mi: Nothing.
Gun Woo: :DDDD

And then she humours him. Kind of. But then she decides she's actually in love with Maestro Kang Gun Woo and not Nice Young Kang Gun Woo, but this only comes about after her hearing drops out just as she's about to perform with the orchestra on stage and Maestro Kang Gun Woo manages to conduct her so she can still play music.

In the end, is she really in love with that jerk or is it just because he can help her still play music which she actually loves? Because while Young Gun Woo is a genius, he doesn't have the experience to pull that one off.

So, Gun Woo might actually be in love with Du Ru Mi for some reason even though they have no chemistry at all. And Du Ru Mi is just going along with whoever might progress her orchestra dream. But what about Maestro Kang Gun Woo?

As much as he's an abrasive fucking jerk, you can kind of see how he tries to care for his orchestra and gets hurt when they don't understand his methods. Towards the end, at least. At this point, he only seems to care about Gun Woo and Du Ru Mi. He seems to want them to be happy together. And when they claimed he was falling for Ru Mi, he seemed concerned about hurting Gun Woo. He and Du Ru Mi had no chemistry whatsoever either, even though they managed to pull off a few cute scenes, but him and Gun Woo? If Du Ru Mi wasn't there, this would be a friggin' BL show. A May-December BL, but a BL all the same. It even managed to make me forget about my age squick. They should have just hooked up. But no, it all has to be het on TV. Ugh. Du Ru Mi didn't make sense with either of them. I think for Maestro, it was that he wasn't used to having people around him who accepted him, and when he got that acceptance, he found it hard to let it go. I think that's more why he went after Du Ru Mi when she went on her long-ass bike ride than because he was in love with her. I think the outcome would have been the same if Gun Woo had been the one to go off on his own.

In the end, I don't think it really was a love triangle so much as three people being utterly dependent on each other, and all of them loving music more than each other. 

At least they all went their separate ways in the end. I could appreciate that outcome. The romance would really be too forced. I think I would have been annoyed if either Gun Woo married Du Ru Mi.